Monthly Archives: September 2013

Commercial Video

I just finished editing my commercial video for school, and choose the product GreenLite CFL light bulbs. I like the idea I had for it, but for the video itself I am not to happy with it. I wish I could of came up with something different.


Crappy Weekend

I took Friday off of work, so I could finish my thesis, and a commercial I had to shoot for school while trying to finish editing the wedding I shot. Its Monday, and all I got done was editing the wedding footage, but now I am having problems making a DVD without getting poor quality.

I am halfway done with writing my thesis, and still have to edit my commercial, and get it all turned in today. I brought my laptop to work so I could work on my thesis on break.

I spent 12 hrs on Thursday editing the wedding footage, and that includes exporting which took a while. All I know is that I got a long day ahead of me.