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Bald Eagles on the St. Clair River

Yesterday was a windy day, but wanted to go out and do some filming. I headed down to Algonac State Park and parked by the river looking for Bald Eagles. I filmed one thinking it was a hawk when I first got there then that was it for  while. I was going to head down the river more to check out other spots, so I packed up and got in my truck. Once I sat in the truck I glanced out to the river, and two bald eagles sit on the ice river. I rush grabbing my camera,  no time to set up my tripod, and I got some of the worst shots ever doing handheld with my 18-200mm set at 200mm and the wind blowing. Though, I was still excited because after 2 years of searching for them, I finally saw them and captured them on my camera.


Finding Michigan Film – Crowd Funding


Become a PRODUCER!

I think it is going to be hard trying to raise money for a Documentary Film about Michigan because it could be limited to just Michigan residents, but I hope people who enjoy nature film may find some qualities of the film, and others who may just want to learn more about Michigan’s nature.

There are perks available if your interested in helping making this happen. There are “Producer Packages” available, and hope to add the film to imdb if I am able to, so if that happens I will be adding the producers names on there as well. Everyone who donates will get a thank you credit in the credits of the film. Also, posters, and stickers are available, and possibly shirts later on down the line. If I add shirts whoever donated previously to that perk will get one no matter if you donated before hand.

If you want to help support my Nature Film then please check out my site

If you have any tips, or want to chat then feel free to hit me up. Follow me on Facebook : Kyle Coggins or follow me on twitter: @Kcoggins17

Finding Michigan Cover

I went on fiverr to see if I can get someone to design my cover for my documentary film “Finding Michigan” and it came out pretty good. It is definitely better then what I had. I do wish the text was done a little better, or maybe added a drop shadow to it, but other than that it came out pretty sweet.

I knew I wanted to incorporate the Northern Lights, and a Bald Eagle if he could do it in a way that would look good, and love how he added the silhouette of the bird so it didn’t stand out to much. I wanted the cover to show a bit what the film is about. I guess I could just say its a nature film since being outside is being out in the nature, but my mind keeps wanting to say its more than that.

I recently launched my crowd funding site on my web page, and if your interested in helping by sharing, or choosing a package I would appreciate all the help. I also have some videos on there, and just added a recent video I made called “Slow Birds,” so please go check it out.

Thanks, and hope you enjoy!

My Quote of the Day

“Even know your eyes are open, you must use your mind to see the beauty in something.”

-Kyle Coggins

Finding Michigan Update

Finding Michigan is a Documentary Film that has been in pre-production for a while now, and am looking to start  crowd funding for in January 2014. I created a page on Facebook called Finding Michigan where you can learn more about it. Though there isn’t much there yet, I am just looking to get people interested in it.

Its been rough trying to get this project going specially when I am working on starting production for my final project for school. I want to put full effort into making my Documentary, but school should come first. I must do both to be happy.

The Big Mack – Mackinaw Bridge

Since are trip wasn’t as successful as we hoped it would be, we still managed to get some photos, and some video. I have not had time to edit any of my video yet I figured I share the photos I took with my phone. I got some decent photo with my Galaxy S3.













Life In Our Eyes!

Whether you Give a child colored pencils, crayons, or paint. Whether they hold a pencil properly between their two fingers, or clenched in a fist. Whether they draw one colored scribbles, or shatter the tip my pressing to hard. What we see is young talent, but what they see is the world they have yet become to know.

– Kyle Coggins

Finding Michigan Film

Finding Michigan Film.

Last weekend I decided I wanted to move forward with making a film about Michigan’s wildlife, nature, and things not everyone can see everywhere.

Michigan holds some of the greatest places for sightseeing to wildlife viewing. Bald Eagles, Cougars, and even Wolves have been rising in sightings, and soaring of the endangered list. Though some may be impossible to find specially cougars, and wolves, but they are still here. Some of you may know that I have been searching for Bald Eagles for a while now, and have not been so lucky; though I feel my time is comming, and I am more confident then ever.

Just last month there was a Bald Eagle in St. Clair, Michigan. The women who spotted it took some good pictures of it as well, and it gave me this urge to push forward with this film.

What got me started!

Last January I was at work fueling trucks, and it was around two in the morning when I saw what looked to be a Cougar walking along the railroad tracks. Crazy sounding I know, specially being in a Marysville Michigan with lots of housing and a golf course close by. The body, and mostly the long tail was unmistakable. It was only a month after I saw this sighting there were a few sightings in Ann Arbor Michigan right by the University of Michigan. Also, there were a few other sighting claimed after that which made me wonder if it was the same Cougar. After that, I became addicted and wanted to see one for myself. This stuff has really interested me, and nature was really what I started out wanting to do in filmmaking.

I remeber what film I watched that got me into filming too, and for the record I was probably 5 or 6 years old, but it was “Wild America” with Johnathan Taylor Thomas. Haha. I admit that because I was young, but that movie inspired me to want to film wildlife. It does freak me out s little because you never know what could happen, but I have been trying to learn about these animals, so I know what to do if I get myself intoca bad situation.

I have a few projects I have been trying to kick into gear like my Online Film Festival I want to start, but I just don’t have enough people interested in it yet, and don’t want to job in it to soon. I have a short film project I’m working on for school but that is still in development right now, and Finding Michigan I am going to start at the end of October when I go to Mackinac City Michigan. Hopefully, I’ll get some Eagle footage, and some great time-lapse of the milky way. Most of the budget will be out of pocket, but I am thinking of trying to raise money through crowdfunding, and offering perks for others who may want to join me in the filmmaking process. I am still working on different ideas for perks, and how to get people interested specially those who don’t live in Michigan.

I know getting into any industry is hard, and that’s why I want to reach out, and help people who just want to have a reason to film. I love just to have a reason to turn on my camera and start filming, and if life wasn’t all about money then I would have no problem working for free. Unfortunately, we live in a world where money is the way of survival, and life. I will update soon on my progress. Thanks for all the support.

Photobucket Cutest Dog Contest Continued…

I have jumped to 178th place in the cutest dog photo contest. Please help push my photo to 1st by voting here:


Liebster Blog Award Thank You, and More!

I was recently nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by this great fellow “halfdecentgigrider” you can find his blog here:

I had to answer ten question that he wrote for his ten nominees and I had to pick ten bloggers with under 200 followers, and write ten question for them to answer. Also the ten blogs I follow, are the ones I nominate for the Liebster Blog Award. 

  1. What have you found to be the best source of inspiration?

 The best source of inspiration for me is other people. No matter what people are interested in, they speak about it with love, and passion. Whatever your skill level, it takes passion, and love to become better, and to see others wit that same urge to be better is great inspiration.

 2. If you had to put on a full-scale theatre production out of the blue, who would be the first person you would ask for help and why?

 I guess it depends on the budget I was given to pull this off. If I was given no budget then I would try, and do most myself, and ask family and friends to help. If I had a decent budget to spend then I would try and get into contact with others who are looking for a starting opportunity, as I wish I had someone who was will to give me a chance at something I would love to do.

3. What or who has made you the person you are today?

 I definitely have to credit my parents, but I think I have made me who I am today.

 4. What subject do you think should be taught at schools that isn’t but should be?

 Wow. Great question! First off, I went to Marysville High School in Michigan 9th-10th grade. I was called to the office one day, and the assistant principal wanted me to consider going to a secondary school. Basically, it is a burnout school for stoners, and dropouts. My buddy went there, so I knew about the school all ready. I ended up going there my 11th grade year. The school is called Riverview East High in St. Clair Michigan. You called teachers by their first name, and they were the most caring, and helpful teachers I have ever been around. They wanted you to learn, and they wanted to teach you. I got my first report card with all A’s and B’s that year. My 12th grade year, I was depressed. I don’t know why, but I had no friends, and didn’t really try to make any, but mostly and to be honest, it was because I was scared to talk to people. I was shy, and couldn’t break that shell. I ended up dropping out of school that year, and decided to give it a go again the next year. I was still depressed, but now I had this hate for everyone for some reason. I dropped out again, and was to old to go back. In 2009, I went to an adult education school where I finally got my diploma. Even there the teachers were kind, and wanted you to learn. The only reason I succeeded is because I wanted to learn. I grew up, and had an interest in history, and math; plus, I wanted to do more with my life, and finally I was myself again. Now I am 26 years old, married, and almost a year away from getting my Bachelors degree in Digital Cinematography at Full Sail University. The teachers there as well have shown nothing but care for their students and their success. My the point I am getting to here is that every subject that is taught in school is really the necessary amount of studies needed, but the teachers teaching these classes need to change. Kids need teachers who care about them, and their future. Teachers may blame their paychecks for how they teach, but if it is their passion then money should not be an issue. We need caring teachers to help students want to learn, and make boring subjects fun, and to make those boring subjects easy to learn. I had a teacher yell at me for asking for help, and I will never forget that.

We already went over that, and you should know that by now, “she said.”

Fuck you bitch, “I said to myself!”

Sorry for they language, but kids need good teachers to learn. It is are future, and we need people to love to learn. Next question..

 5. Do characters from books or movies or just ones you’re thinking of for a novel or story come to ‘talk’ to you? If so, what do they tell you? (ALERT: MAY CONTAIN CRAZINESS)

 No, but they give me ideas, and help me better myself as a person.

 6. Do people judge books by their covers?

 Of course, we all do it. I have done this with people who have become my good friends. I judge them before I even know how great of a person they really are. We will always do it, but sometimes we need to so we can figure out who we are.

 7. Following on from talking about this recently, what would you do if you knew your friend was going to be murdered by another one of your friends – would you try to get to the friend before the murderous friend came, try to stop the murderous friend yourself or let it happen?

 I would hope to confront my friend about this, and if he is truly my friend then I can stop him with a good talking, but if he don’t care what I have to say then I would have to stop him by giving him an un-expecting ass whooping.

 8. What’s your favorite working environment?

 I love being outside. Filming nature is relaxing, and just a great way to get a way from everything.

 9. Do you think it was inconsiderate of great missionaries and explorers like David Livingstone to name natural landmarks and claim that they ‘discovered’ them even though the natives had?

 I am not really sure how to answer this, so I will say yes, but I think everything happens for a reason, so maybe it was a good thing.

 10. Why do you blog? (Please go into as much detail as you can to make it even more interesting!)

 I always hoped I could find people who had a passion for something, and create some kind of relationship with them. Also, I like to have something to do. I want people to have someone they can talk to when they have questions about filmmaking, or anything as well. If I can make someone’s day better then that is why I am here. I hate bullies, and even Internet bullies, and hate how people try to put their work out there only to be shit on, by ignorant people like how people always make rude comments to someone’s work on YouTube. There is always something good about peoples work even if there are mistakes, and these people need to know their work is good, or their idea is good. They need critique in a kind way, and they will accept it if they know you mean what you are saying. Bad comments only make people think they can’t do it, when all they need is some encouragement.


Now, for my ten questions for the ten bloggers I have chosen.


  1. What is your passion, and how do you keep yourself motivated?
  2. What is your thought on bullies, and their reasons for bulling?
  3. How would you help keep someone from giving up on his or her dreams?
  4. Whatever your passion, or hobby, have you ever felt like you couldn’t do it, or felt as if it was never going to be your career? If so, how did you get past that feeling of defeat even if your still struggling to get into that career?
  5. What is the difference between your passion, or something you want to do for money, and your hobby? What if your better at your hobby then your passion, does it mean your hobby should be your new goal for making a living?
  6. If you had the chance to work with someone in your industry, who would you choose to work with?
  7. What are your goals for the next 5 years?
  8. What do you do to make sure no one keeps you from reaching your dreams?
  9. This is your chance to be honest with the world. What film have you seen that made you cry, but would never shed a tear watching with your buddies?
  10.  Is there someone, or something in your life that has made you keep pushing yourself to be better at what you do, or in life? Describe who this person is as well.


Please post a link to your answers, in the comments bellow for others to read.


Here are the people I nominated, so please check out their blogs, and follow them.