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Filmmaking – Commercial Video Project

For my Digital Cinematography 1 class I have to make 30 sec commerical, and been trying to think of a product that would be cool to do. I had to do this in another class I had, and I did a NOS energy drink commercial, but it didn’t turn out to great. Well, I liked it but my teacher said some of my lighting was annoying.  This is my chance to make a better one, and one that is pleasing to the eyes. Any ideas on a cool product I could use?

I have a few weeks until it is due, but I want to get started on the pre-production process as soon as possible. If you have any ideas please feel free to share.


How-To Wound Make Up FX

Things you need.
Elmers glue,
toliet paper,
Tooth pick
wife or girlfriends make-up
-cover up
-black make-up
-red make-up
– fake blood

I purchased Ben Nyes wound kit whitch came with skin gel, scar gel, and blood gel. I used the skin gel instead of elmers glue, but for cheap you can use elmers glue.

First, determine where you want your wound, and prepare your toliet paper. I have double layer toliet paper so I split the paper into two different layers. I chose my face for where I wanted to apply the wound. Take your glue or skin gel and squirt some on your finger then rub on skin then apply toliet paper over glue. Next, rub more glue over that layer.


Now you will want to keep repeating this process till you can get your desired look, and by this I mean how deep you want your wound to be.

Get a tooth pick or something to cut out an area where you want your wound.  I do a scratching motion to cut a slit out until I reach the skin.


Now that you have your cut out, grab your black make up and apply it to the skin inside your wound. This will help give depth to your wound.

Now take your fake blood, and dab small globs inside your wound. Also, take some toliet paper and use it to dab your fake blood around your wound to give it a more infected look.

Later I will post a how to on making fake blood, and blood gel that will work great for your wounds.


You may need to apply more make up to create more depth.

Cover up.. use cover up to get rid of the shiny service and to blend the wound in with your skin tone.



That’s it for now. Hope this helps. If you got any ideas please comment.

Silent film

Today I will begin production on a three minute silent film for school. Pre-production is almost done, and all I want to do before I start shooting is set up the lighting, and do some test shots. I probably won’t start shooting until 8pm tonight so I will have plenty of time to plan all my shots. I have one scene I know will be difficult to shoot, because it will be in a very tight space, but hopefully I can pull it off. I will add photos later as I start setting up.


Welcome to my blog, and I hope you find it interesting. Firstly,  I would like to give a brief description of who I am, and my hobbies. My name is Kyle Coggins, and I am currently seeking my Bachelor’s in Digital Cinematography; furthermore,  I decided I wanted to go full force with my passion, so I decided to take online courses at Full Sail University. I enrolled in November, 2011 and currently still working towards my degree.

I see a lot of questions on the Internet asking, “is going to film school worth it?” In my opinion,  I really believe it is a great way to learn, and connect with others. There is so much the Internet has to offer, and a lot of free tutorials. Though, it is easy to find stuff you want to know about, there are lots of little things you learn in film school that you don’t really think much about which can make it hard to find on the web if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Having the option of a film school gives you a reason to want to learn; fortunately,  you will learn about so much that plays an important role in the filmmaking process. I had to take Art History which was a very interesting class, but to learn about art, and the artist helps shape you as a filmmaker. The details of a painting, and the emotion it portrays with the use of colors, and light will give you a sense of great cinematography. Artist would spend their life’s studying light, and shadows.

These are the real importance of learning filmmaking,  and cinematography,  and I can see most kids trying to stay away from history anything, but history is the building blocks to all beginnings.
Trust me, I used to hate history, and pretty much every class, but as I got older I fell in love with it. I really enjoy WW2, Civil War, and honestly I am not a huge Art History fan, but I respect it, and use it to build my skills as a Cinematographer. 

In conclusion, Film school is a great Idea, but it isn’t a must, as a lot of successful filmmakers have never went to school. I will be adding some of my upcoming projects for school, and personal projects showing my pre-production process, and post-production. Also, I do a lot of nature videography, so I will be posting about them along with some “DIY” builds I want to attempt.

If you have questions, or just want to network then feel free to comment.