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Liebster Blog Award Thank You, and More!

I was recently nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by this great fellow “halfdecentgigrider” you can find his blog here:

I had to answer ten question that he wrote for his ten nominees and I had to pick ten bloggers with under 200 followers, and write ten question for them to answer. Also the ten blogs I follow, are the ones I nominate for the Liebster Blog Award. 

  1. What have you found to be the best source of inspiration?

 The best source of inspiration for me is other people. No matter what people are interested in, they speak about it with love, and passion. Whatever your skill level, it takes passion, and love to become better, and to see others wit that same urge to be better is great inspiration.

 2. If you had to put on a full-scale theatre production out of the blue, who would be the first person you would ask for help and why?

 I guess it depends on the budget I was given to pull this off. If I was given no budget then I would try, and do most myself, and ask family and friends to help. If I had a decent budget to spend then I would try and get into contact with others who are looking for a starting opportunity, as I wish I had someone who was will to give me a chance at something I would love to do.

3. What or who has made you the person you are today?

 I definitely have to credit my parents, but I think I have made me who I am today.

 4. What subject do you think should be taught at schools that isn’t but should be?

 Wow. Great question! First off, I went to Marysville High School in Michigan 9th-10th grade. I was called to the office one day, and the assistant principal wanted me to consider going to a secondary school. Basically, it is a burnout school for stoners, and dropouts. My buddy went there, so I knew about the school all ready. I ended up going there my 11th grade year. The school is called Riverview East High in St. Clair Michigan. You called teachers by their first name, and they were the most caring, and helpful teachers I have ever been around. They wanted you to learn, and they wanted to teach you. I got my first report card with all A’s and B’s that year. My 12th grade year, I was depressed. I don’t know why, but I had no friends, and didn’t really try to make any, but mostly and to be honest, it was because I was scared to talk to people. I was shy, and couldn’t break that shell. I ended up dropping out of school that year, and decided to give it a go again the next year. I was still depressed, but now I had this hate for everyone for some reason. I dropped out again, and was to old to go back. In 2009, I went to an adult education school where I finally got my diploma. Even there the teachers were kind, and wanted you to learn. The only reason I succeeded is because I wanted to learn. I grew up, and had an interest in history, and math; plus, I wanted to do more with my life, and finally I was myself again. Now I am 26 years old, married, and almost a year away from getting my Bachelors degree in Digital Cinematography at Full Sail University. The teachers there as well have shown nothing but care for their students and their success. My the point I am getting to here is that every subject that is taught in school is really the necessary amount of studies needed, but the teachers teaching these classes need to change. Kids need teachers who care about them, and their future. Teachers may blame their paychecks for how they teach, but if it is their passion then money should not be an issue. We need caring teachers to help students want to learn, and make boring subjects fun, and to make those boring subjects easy to learn. I had a teacher yell at me for asking for help, and I will never forget that.

We already went over that, and you should know that by now, “she said.”

Fuck you bitch, “I said to myself!”

Sorry for they language, but kids need good teachers to learn. It is are future, and we need people to love to learn. Next question..

 5. Do characters from books or movies or just ones you’re thinking of for a novel or story come to ‘talk’ to you? If so, what do they tell you? (ALERT: MAY CONTAIN CRAZINESS)

 No, but they give me ideas, and help me better myself as a person.

 6. Do people judge books by their covers?

 Of course, we all do it. I have done this with people who have become my good friends. I judge them before I even know how great of a person they really are. We will always do it, but sometimes we need to so we can figure out who we are.

 7. Following on from talking about this recently, what would you do if you knew your friend was going to be murdered by another one of your friends – would you try to get to the friend before the murderous friend came, try to stop the murderous friend yourself or let it happen?

 I would hope to confront my friend about this, and if he is truly my friend then I can stop him with a good talking, but if he don’t care what I have to say then I would have to stop him by giving him an un-expecting ass whooping.

 8. What’s your favorite working environment?

 I love being outside. Filming nature is relaxing, and just a great way to get a way from everything.

 9. Do you think it was inconsiderate of great missionaries and explorers like David Livingstone to name natural landmarks and claim that they ‘discovered’ them even though the natives had?

 I am not really sure how to answer this, so I will say yes, but I think everything happens for a reason, so maybe it was a good thing.

 10. Why do you blog? (Please go into as much detail as you can to make it even more interesting!)

 I always hoped I could find people who had a passion for something, and create some kind of relationship with them. Also, I like to have something to do. I want people to have someone they can talk to when they have questions about filmmaking, or anything as well. If I can make someone’s day better then that is why I am here. I hate bullies, and even Internet bullies, and hate how people try to put their work out there only to be shit on, by ignorant people like how people always make rude comments to someone’s work on YouTube. There is always something good about peoples work even if there are mistakes, and these people need to know their work is good, or their idea is good. They need critique in a kind way, and they will accept it if they know you mean what you are saying. Bad comments only make people think they can’t do it, when all they need is some encouragement.


Now, for my ten questions for the ten bloggers I have chosen.


  1. What is your passion, and how do you keep yourself motivated?
  2. What is your thought on bullies, and their reasons for bulling?
  3. How would you help keep someone from giving up on his or her dreams?
  4. Whatever your passion, or hobby, have you ever felt like you couldn’t do it, or felt as if it was never going to be your career? If so, how did you get past that feeling of defeat even if your still struggling to get into that career?
  5. What is the difference between your passion, or something you want to do for money, and your hobby? What if your better at your hobby then your passion, does it mean your hobby should be your new goal for making a living?
  6. If you had the chance to work with someone in your industry, who would you choose to work with?
  7. What are your goals for the next 5 years?
  8. What do you do to make sure no one keeps you from reaching your dreams?
  9. This is your chance to be honest with the world. What film have you seen that made you cry, but would never shed a tear watching with your buddies?
  10.  Is there someone, or something in your life that has made you keep pushing yourself to be better at what you do, or in life? Describe who this person is as well.


Please post a link to your answers, in the comments bellow for others to read.


Here are the people I nominated, so please check out their blogs, and follow them.









Mackinac City “here we come!”

I have lived in Michigan for most of my life, but I have never been to Mackinac Michigan. At the end of October my brother, his friend, and I will be driving down there for a few days. My brother, and his buddy are doing photos, and I will be doing video. We are hoping to capture the amazing sky in the dark park which is 1 out of 10 places in the world that have a dark park.

I really hope I can finally come across a Bald Eagle since that is what I have been after for over a year now, and have had no luck. Also, I heard there are wolves, and black bears, which I think would be awsome to see, as long as I don’t get eatin.

Either way I plan on getting some awesome footage, specially of the night sky. We choose to stay a few days just in case it cloudy one of those nights. I wish we were leaving sooner, but it will give me time to save up some spending cash.

Commercial Video

I just finished editing my commercial video for school, and choose the product GreenLite CFL light bulbs. I like the idea I had for it, but for the video itself I am not to happy with it. I wish I could of came up with something different.

Pre-Production Wedding Videography

When it comes to doing a project with no script, and no way of knowing how something will play out like doing a wedding, I think it is best to try and prepare for any situation. The one thing I like to do, and I do this when I know I am going to be shooting outside is to always be checking the weather. Being that this is my first wedding, I have been preparing for it for about a month now trying to minimize any issues I may run into. No mater how prepared you think you are, you will still find an issue you will have to work around, but planning can make issues easier to deal with.

The first thing I think is important is to create a check list. Write down every single piece of equipment you have even if you know your not going to use it. If it helps, take a picture of every piece of equipment. To have a way of keeping track of your inventory is always going to benifit you.

Keep things organized! Find a way to keep things in places that are easy to find. Create folders on your computer for your when you start post-production. Create scene folders, and folders for b-roll footage.

The next thing I want to mention is communication with your client. Make sure you have good directions, and find out if the event will be inside, or outside. This will insure you have the necessary gear to execute your shoot day. This may even give you info on what you may need to purchase like filters for outside, or camera lights for inside.

What time does the event start, and what time are you going to show up. Plan for the worst traffic, trains, or accidents that will cause you to be late. You may want to be there an hour early to get some b-roll footage, and to setup all your gear you will be using.

I am going to the rehearsal on Friday, and this will give me a look at possible shooting spots, gear setup, and audio setup. The couple that is getting married is having their ceremony in a park, so I know audio may be an issue. I’m going to have two camera’s both recording audio, and if I there are plug-ins then I will use my wireless audio device, and hook a mic to the groom.

The last thing I would like to mention is to make sure you have enough tape, or memory card space; also, you want to be sure you have enough battery power. I baught an extra memory card and I got two more batteries with a car charger off Amazon. It helps to write your pre-production procese down, and either a journal, or a blog like I am doing because it can make you think of ways to better prepare yourself, or bring up things you may have forgotten.

Until next time..

Dollica LT D-100 Short Review


I didn’t have a whole lot of time tonight to do a video review, but I had a little time to test the dolly. For starters, the Dollica Tripod Dolly is well built and sturdy, but There are issues I had with it while testing it out. I did a few takes on a flat tile surface, and notice that the footage is a bit shakey at times, as it gives off a bit of a vibration while rolling. This really is the one problem you don’t want to have while filming, because it can be distracting to the audience specially when the scene has no action in it what so ever. On the other hand I had times when it was really smooth looking and thought it looked really good, but then I ran into another issue. Trying to dolly straight was a challenge, because the tires kept wanting to turn into another direction. I was trying to frame my subject first then push in on him, so I could concentrate more on the focus, but I kept having to adjust where the dolly was going. I am sure I need more practice with it, and hopefully I can find a way to work with these issues.

Wedding Videography

On August 24th I will be doing my first gig as a wedding videographer. I am actually pretty excited about doing it, and hope everything turns out fine. For if being my first gig I offered my services for free, because I don’t feel comfortable charging for something I have never done before. I threw up a post on Craig’s List, and was contacted pretty quick, so I’m glad I decided to go that route. Hopefully, I can use this wedding to help build more clients. I typed up a release form to get permission to use parts of the wedding video to help promote my work, and I asked her first instead of waiting until the wedding day so I know she is okay with it.

I will be adding updates as I prepare for the wedding. I will post my process on my pre-production, production, and post-production.

Tripod Dolly

Dolica LT D-100.


I just got my new tripod dolly today, and hope to test it out tonight. I will try to give a review on it through video, but depends on the time I have tonight.

The reason I want to do a review is because I only paid $38.00 for it on Amazon, so I want to put it to the test with my camera. I pulled it out of the case and it seems really well made, so lets hope it can hold up to my expectations. I have to say, though it was only $38.00 I only paid $17.00 because I had $21.00 in Amazon points. Either way it is a great price, and I am excited to use it.

How To Make Blood Gel

Blood Gel can be a cheap and powerful way to make your FX wounds stand out. When necessary,  I like to keep everything on a low budget specially easy do it yourself make-up FX.


-Red Food Dye
-Blue Food Dye

Yes, thats it. Now take a glob of Vaseline out and put it in a zip lock back or some sort of container you have lying around the house. Next, mix the Red Dye into the vaseline, and mix it up.

You have a good looking mix so far, but we want the blood to be darker. This part you have to be careful with, so put a drop of Blue Dye into the Vaseline. To much blue and you will get more purple the dark red, so really be careful mixing. You may need another drop, so add the Blue Dye until you reach your desired color.

That’s it. You can now add this mix you made into you wounds to help pullnof that realistic look your going for.

Hope you enjoyed, and have fun..

Filmmaking – Commercial Video Project

For my Digital Cinematography 1 class I have to make 30 sec commerical, and been trying to think of a product that would be cool to do. I had to do this in another class I had, and I did a NOS energy drink commercial, but it didn’t turn out to great. Well, I liked it but my teacher said some of my lighting was annoying.  This is my chance to make a better one, and one that is pleasing to the eyes. Any ideas on a cool product I could use?

I have a few weeks until it is due, but I want to get started on the pre-production process as soon as possible. If you have any ideas please feel free to share.

How-To Wound Make Up FX

Things you need.
Elmers glue,
toliet paper,
Tooth pick
wife or girlfriends make-up
-cover up
-black make-up
-red make-up
– fake blood

I purchased Ben Nyes wound kit whitch came with skin gel, scar gel, and blood gel. I used the skin gel instead of elmers glue, but for cheap you can use elmers glue.

First, determine where you want your wound, and prepare your toliet paper. I have double layer toliet paper so I split the paper into two different layers. I chose my face for where I wanted to apply the wound. Take your glue or skin gel and squirt some on your finger then rub on skin then apply toliet paper over glue. Next, rub more glue over that layer.


Now you will want to keep repeating this process till you can get your desired look, and by this I mean how deep you want your wound to be.

Get a tooth pick or something to cut out an area where you want your wound.  I do a scratching motion to cut a slit out until I reach the skin.


Now that you have your cut out, grab your black make up and apply it to the skin inside your wound. This will help give depth to your wound.

Now take your fake blood, and dab small globs inside your wound. Also, take some toliet paper and use it to dab your fake blood around your wound to give it a more infected look.

Later I will post a how to on making fake blood, and blood gel that will work great for your wounds.


You may need to apply more make up to create more depth.

Cover up.. use cover up to get rid of the shiny service and to blend the wound in with your skin tone.



That’s it for now. Hope this helps. If you got any ideas please comment.